Nuovi libri su J. Krishnamurti

We are happy to announce that two New Krishnamurti Books are now in Print!

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1) Due to great interest from across the world, Scott H. Forbes has published a beautiful paper-back version of “In the Presence of Krishnamurti: Mary’s Unfinished Book!” It includes over 35 photographs taken mostly by Mary Zimbalist during her time with Krishnaji.

2) We are also excited to announce that Scott H. Forbes, editor of Mary’s Unfinished Book, has published “Krishnamurti: Preparing to Leave.” This book, detailing the last nine months of Krishnamurti’s life (1985 – 1986), is written from Scott’s notes made during that time and illustrated by stunning contemporary photographs.

“In the Presence of Krishnamurti: Mary’s Unfinished Book.”
Written by Mary Zimbalist; Edited by Scott H. Forbes.

Mary Zimbalist was Jiddu Krishnamurti’s assistant, traveling companion, hostess, and the person closest to him since his brother died in 1925. Krishnamurti asked her to write about what it was like to be with him. From Krishnamurti’s death in 1986 until her own in 2008, she worked diligently and continuously at doing this, using her extraordinary daily dairies as her source. She never finished her book, but this beautifully written testimonial to a remarkable man conveys a sense of him and their relationship that is unequaled. It is unfinished, but it is not incomplete.

Paperback: 594 pages
Language: English
ISBN–13: 978-1-7321223-2-1
Photographs: 35 color, 1 black and white
Cost: USD $39.95 + Shipping & Handling

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“Krishnamurti Preparing to Leave”
Written by Scott H. Forbes

The author spent six to eight hours a day with Krishnamurti from the end of May 1985 until Krishnamurti’s death in February 1986. This was a time of such seismic changes in the Krishnamurti organizations in America, England, Switzerland, and India, that the author, who was thirty-seven years old at the time, kept detailed notes. At the request of Krishnamurti’s official biographer, Mary Lutyens, the author assembled his notes and lent them to her for the final volume of her biography of Krishnamurti. She encouraged Scott to publish his assemblage, and advised him “not to change a word.” Thirty-one years later, Scott set out to do that. However, over the intervening decades, the author found he had additional things to write regarding this extraordinary time in his life, and he does so with footnotes and appendices to preserve the original material. Consequently, this book uniquely shows the last nine months of Krishnamurti’s life through the eyes of the author at both thirty-seven and sixty-eight years of age.

Paperback: 304 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-7321223-1-4
Photographs: 28 black and white
Cost: USD $29.95 + Shipping & Handling

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